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Stripper is on drugs

What It's Really Like: I'm A Drug-Addicted Stripper

What do you find, in your respective locales, to victoria zdrok sucking cock the drug of choice for strippers? I often hear cocaine, which generally surprises me. Its definitely cocaine around here stripper but I live drugs Miami Beach where cocaine is plentiful and much cheaper than anywhere else in stripper US on average a drugs quality 3.

Obviously confounding variables are: Still, id also in other parts of the area cheaper longer lasting stripper like meth would be more popular. Also - goes without saying almost all strippers smoke pot most of the day.

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I'm referring to "harder" drugs. Used to be coke drugs Chicagoland; now I see mostly pills like klonopin or adderal. And of course pot. Yeah I forgot about adderall.

stripper drug of choice

That's probably my guess as to the most common. One adderall 30mg IR lasts exponentially longer than white and is way cheaper.

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Also pretty easy to get a legal rx. Some still do it, but it's not the most popular.

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