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Tea tree oil analysis report

Tea tree oil analysis report

This specifies levels of 15 of the more than components in pure Australian tea tree oil. True Blue Organics 1. See Contact Details tree. Oil of Melaleuca — terpinenol report 2. Antibacterial; Analysis Fragrance Ingredient. Clear, colourless to pale yellow mobile liquid with no visible trace of water. Characteristic warm, spicy odour 3.

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Physical — Chemical Hazards Flammable: Flammable liquid, produces oxides of carbon when burning. None Unusual Fire and Tea Hazards: Presents no significant reactivity hazard Stable for at least 10 years if stored correctly Subject to oxidation if stored incorrectly Incompatibility: Solvent — avoid contact with plastics, rubber, oil-based paints, ink etc.

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Toxicity and Oil Hazard Data: May produce toxic effects if taken internally Irritation: Draize Skin Irritancy Index 5.