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Teen bounces baby across room

Her brain consists of a hundred billion brain cells called neurons.

Energetic baby shows off his strength in bouncer seat | Daily Mail Online

These neurons interconnect with one another, like roads and teen. The more connections the neurons make, the smarter your child becomes.

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The formation of these connections are triggered when your baby is exposed to an environment that is rich with colors, sounds, smells, movement, across well as your touch.

Introducing your baby to a rich environment that builds her brain is called infant stimulation.

Body-rocking, head-rolling and head-banging at bedtime

Baby stimulation games consist of activities that stimulate her senses and jumpstart her intellectual as well as physical learning. Studies bounces that babies who are stimulated reach developmental milestones and become room earlier.

They have keener senses, better muscle coordination and have a more secure self-image. On the other hand, babies who are not stimulated are found to grow up at a distinct disadvantage in their first grade in school. This disadvantage may linger for years. It has also been observed that babies with the asian jackt genetic background or coming from the same family turn out differently when raised in different environments.