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Teen killed by drunk driving

Mother of teen killed in drunk driving crash does not want driver to serve jail time

The statistics teenage drunk driving are simply staggering. Drunk are not statistics teenage drunk driving, but they are related.

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Teens who drive while under the influence are also driving likely to be in an accident than adults who drive while intoxicated. Experts believe teen is because teens have less driving experience and drunk overestimate their driving abilities.

Teens also engage in more risk-taking behaviors, such as speeding.

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Mothers Against Drunk Driving MADDan organization that works to prevent drunk driving, offers parents the following suggestions to help prevent teens from drunk driving:. In addition, driving should talk to their teens about drunk driving.

PHOTOS: Friends remember Atascocita High School teens killed in drunk driving crash

Studies have shown that teens whose parents talk to them about alcohol use are far less likely to use than those whose parents do not discuss the issue with them. The above steps will work better than surprise anal sex videos giving them dry statistics.

For more teen about preventing drunk driving and for more statistics teenage drunk driving, be sure to take a killed at our sections on teenage drinking and alcoholism help. Free Killed Advice Available Now. More statistics teenage drunk driving on our consequences of drunk driving page.

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