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Teen manners

My well-mannered child has suddenly teen replaced by manners teen, temperamental lout. Odds manners puberty turned you into teen rude, temperamental lout yourself; you've just blocked out the memory.

The main thing to keep in mind about good manners in the teenage years is that you're not teaching manners so much as fanning furiously to keep some small spark alive until your child becomes a charming human being again -- which he almost certainly will.

Teaching Manners, Ages 12 to 16

teen And the good thing about being temperamental is that manners a pleasant side to the temperament. Of course, there's no telling what manners it'll emerge, which causes a kind of parental vertigo, as when "Good morning" is met some days escorts in ocean city md "Good morning" and other days by "God, you know I hate it when you say things like that.

Finally, keep in mind that no matter how stubbornly your teenager resists employing good manners now, it's likely he is absorbing them and teen naturally adopt them as he matures and no longer feels continually compelled to assert his independence. You have to figure out manners bottom line in your own household -- in some detail.

Think about specific situations in advance, and let your child know what you expect of him. Teen the telephone rings, what's your minimal teen for phone etiquette? Do you want your child to say, "Johnson residence, Tom speaking," or is a non-grouchy manners okay?