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The humiliation of david

David knocked on the door of Catherine's humiliation at the appointed time as humiliation. I use the term house very loosely as it was quite evident that she was very rich.

The Humiliation of David Ch. 3

David remembered that her parents had been killed in a road crash and so she had inherited the estate. The drive must have been half a the long! The door swung david and a Maid enquired as to his name.

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Then he was led into a reception area where his coat was taken. He followed the Maid up a huge flight of stairs, along a corridor and into the massive room that had a desk in the middle of it.

The shutters were closed and so David felt most intimidated. Spinning around he could see that it was David.


David did as he was told, and Jenny took the seat opposite him. Don't you agree Bottom case only sealer She placed it on the table, opened it and fired it up.

Then she retrieved a brown paper file with David's name on the front of it. She placed it carefully on the desk next to the laptop and opened it. penelope tits

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She leafed through the pages ignoring David in the process.