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The l word lesbian scenes youtube

The L Word word an American-Canadian the television drama series portraying the lives of a group of lesbians and their youtube, connections, family, and lovers in the youtube Greater Los AngelesThe city of West Hollywood.

The L Word

The series originally ran on Showtime from January 18, scenes March 8,and subsequently in syndication word Logo and through on-demand services. On July 11,it was announced a sequel season was in the works with Showtime. The pilot episode premiered on January 18, The original six-year run ended with the series finale's airing on March 8, My nine inch cock studio was lesbian owned by and named for Dufferin Gate Productions, the sister company to Temple Street Productionsthe Canadian producer of the U.

The original code-name for the project was Earthlingsa rarely-used slang term for lesbians.

Favorite Lesbian Scenes

Contemporary use of the phrase "the L word" scenes an alias for lesbian dates to at least the play My Blue Heaven by Jane Chambersin which a character stammers out: Lord God, I never met one before.

Historical use of "the L word" as code language can also be found in the sentence of a letter written [ when? Season 1 premiered in the United States on January 18,on Showtime and featured 13 episodes presenting several lesbian story lines.

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Set in West Hollywoodthe series first introduces Bette Porter and Tina Kennarda couple with a seven-year relationship who want to have a child.