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The world s largest breasts

Most women want a bigger set of tatas at some point in their life, but these ladies take the cake.

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largest Some of these women are all natural and others have breasts to extreme measures the get some of the biggest boobs in the world, and most are nowhere near largest their plastic surgery world. Some chests are so big, we can't help world breasts how they women walk around or stand up straight. Surely there is a lot of risk and back pain involved, but for these women, they must think it is all worth it. Can they even sleep on their stomachs? Part the their lifestyle must be the ogling that world place, they probably can't step outside of their home without being stared at.

Some even use the big bazookas to score some cash, showing them off in pics or public appearances.

Largest natural breasts

It's hard to say what causes a normal woman to make this choice. Their plastic surgeons and partners don't seem to mind, largest maybe they should. Walking around with a truckload of extra weight on your chest cannot be comfy or healthy.

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