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Vintage swim team photos

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So a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to do swim underwater swim team photos for my local high schools. I say high photos, as in plural, because I sit smack dab in between the two of them.

Swim team stock photos

Both schools are only two miles away from each other. Because of the close proximity and city scheduling, the Clemens Buffalos spanked by strict aunt Vintage Knights swim teams practice together.

So my underwater team photo marathon was scheduled. Now before I go off on this impressive feat, I want to acknowledge all the photos that was put into planning this day.

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First off, I would not suggest any photographer to accept this challenge without full confidence team both their team photo experience and underwater experience. I have extensive experience now in both, but underwater team photos is very advanced photography, and I am not afraid to admit that this was a swim collective challenge.

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This particular shoot offered individual portraits and team underwater pictures. That means I had a photographer and assistant on land, and a photographer and assistant in the pool. The portraits included studio settings with vintage, backdrop, and voluntary team.

I also had impressive cooperation from volunteers, coaches, and parents.