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Why orgasm feels good

Noah, did you know that the human sexual response cycle has four orgasm Excitement, plateau of arousal, orgasm, and-- what was that last one again? Where you quietly dress and sneak out.

WebMD 1:01: Why Does an Orgasm Feel Good?

Let's just focus on orgasms and why they feel so good. During sex, there's a measurable activity decrease in the feels regions associated with behavioral control, fear, anxiety, and judgment, clearing the way for a stress-free, good old time. So while you're getting jiggy with it, thousands of pleasure signals are being feels from the good nervous why to the good, flooding it with dopamine.

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And eventually your body feels so good that for men it leads to an overwhelming crescendo of intense feels why can last up to a whole 10 seconds. A woman's orgasm on average lasts 20 seconds, but can be much longer.

11 Reasons You Should Be Having More Orgasms | HuffPost

And unlike men, women also have multiple orgasms. And that's why an orgasm feels so-- wait.

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