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Wikipedia bad girls club season 10

It is also the first season to feature the girls taking a vacation.

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In each season of the Bad Girls Clubone or more girls is asked to leave club house either from violencephysical fightingor leaves on their own accord, which then gives the producers a chance at a new "bad girl" who arrives girls the season in a couple days to replace the wikipedia bad girl who was removed or left.

Sarah and Amber B. Going out in the evening, Kayla irritates Whitney by making lesbian jokes.

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Whitney wants her to say sorry, but Kayla refuses. Getting mad, they clash in the kitchen and start throwing tableware at each other in rage, which destroys their friendship.

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Later, all girls head to a stripper club to earn money. Kayla is nervous so she starts drinking non-stop, bad to her fall unconscious. Tiffany sees her off to hospital, and the episode cuts off on the jeune gay russe. Kayla returns from the hospital safe.

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She opens up about her previous relationship, which influenced her insecurity. Tiffany invites Marcus, her new hook-up, home.