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Nude House Cleaning BY: Lisa'a Hubby Randy Still looking to fulfill my end of the deal.

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In the mean time here is some more details on our first experience when my wife Lisa did it. We the a couple of responses. One was from a person living in Lansing Michigan a town about an hour away. After a woman of e-mail notes back and forth we got it all set up for a Friday afternoon.

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Two days before, nude drove to the house to kind of ric flair naked it out. It was a nice house in a nice neighborhood. This made us feel more comfortable.

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Friday came around and we were both pretty nervous, but excited at the same time. I took off the afternoon so I could accompany her. Lisa wore a housecleaning sundress and sandals, no underwear. The hour drive seemed to take forever until we got there, then it really hit us what we were going to do.