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Women in veils fetish

Around in the month of may a girl named Hosiana from Kiev, Ukraine found me on Skype and we decided to be friends.

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She was a pleasant person, a student of women and a deeply religious Orthodox Christian with a spiritual bent of mind. They live in an apartment off the outskirts of Kiev and her mother is a nurse.

Veil Fetish

Her father was an engineer who unfortunately has passed away in But the background aside, as me and H talked through the chat over time our mutual attraction grew and grew till one day a friend of mine from Bangalore decided to coax me into making Hosiana wear a veil.

Honestly, I did not disapprove of the idea either and decided to go ahead with it.

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I requested Hosiana veils try out veiling with a scarf as most fetish women of my city do. The women excuse for dressing like this of course is "the pollution" but if you ask me it makes no sense in one of India's cleanest cities: After that request for free interracial fuck videos pic I found that Hosiana had took seven such pics of fetish for me.

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Later on I shared it with my friend from Bangalore Niran who was also a veil fetishist like me and had a muslim girlfriend who always stayed veiled. Later on I decided to let the two talk with each other.

At that moment my friendship with Hosiana wasn't as deep and any feeling of veils was far off.