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Elements You Need to Put into Consideration in Order to Settle for the Right Church

Choosing a church is not a matter of going to a church and getting your name on the list of its members. It is a hard decision since it is more based on inner convictions than mere observations. Proverbs 16:1 says that the intentions of the heart belong to a man but God gives the reply. It is therefore advisable that you heavily depend on God so that He can direct you to the right place. However, apart from listening to the above, you should also be cautious about various aspects because you can blindly settle on a church as a result of confusing the will of Yahweh and your own. When looking for a church you should pay attention to the following tips. By putting them into consideration, you will be in a better position to settle for the best.

You should be sure of your own belief. You should not think of settling for a church that does not love, preach and teach the good news. For you to make a lasting decision, you need to settle on what the gospel entails. In case you take the gospel as that which only saves from sin and hell, then there are many churches that are suitable for you. However, if your desire is a gospel that shapes as well as defines how one should live by applying, preaching, living, teaching, singing, and teaching, you should look further.

Ensure you look into their behavior. The faith of a church is what lays the basis of its nature. In case your definition of a church is a building with meetings you have to attend, you have a variety of churches to choose from. In other churches, a church is viewed as covenant individuals who are created by the good news for the gospel. Such churches are rare and you need to be determined to ensure you settle for one.

You should draw a line between discerning and shopping. Shopping is where you look for a church that suits your wants and preferences while discerning is attentive to ensuring a church expresses the expectations and commands of God. This is not to, however, mean that you choose a church that is clearly outside of God’s will because this may imply you completely lack discernment. Ensure you set aside your theological view in order to embrace the will of God.

You should not move from one church to another. There are circumstances that make it necessary to move from a church including heresy, abuse, and weird stuff. However, you are not encouraged to change a church as a result of failing to satisfy your expectations. Shifting from one church to another in search of that which can gratify your specifications will deny you the ability to settle at one church.

As you can see, choosing a church is not a matter of looking with eyes but involves deeper commitment. By using the factors explained in the above article, you will be able to distinguish a church that suits you most.

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