Modern Wooden Furniture in Various Inspirational Designs, Create a Cozy Space

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Modern wooden furniture adds richness to each space in the dwelling. Wood furniture is generally attached to a strong classic design. However, if this wooden furniture fills the house with a modern design, it seems that it is not the same.

No need to worry, you can work around this so that the classic furniture can match the modern home theme.

Modern Wooden Furniture in Various Inspirational Designs

Modern Wooden Furniture Design Inspiration

We cannot deny that almost the majority of houses in Indonesia have wooden furniture. With its quite diverse designs, it has ethnic elements that are able to give wooden furniture its own characteristics.

So it’s no wonder that wooden furniture is in great demand by the people of Indonesia. We don’t need to doubt the quality anymore.

This is because Indonesia is popular for having the best quality types of wood such as teak, merbau and so on.

Not only that, with a combination of modern designs, wooden furniture from Indonesia has successfully penetrated foreign markets. The following are inspirations for decorating modern wooden furniture, including:

Bring a Modern Twist to a Classic Design

In order to appear more attractive, wooden tables and chairs with a classic design can be given a modern touch. For example, replacing the color with white paint or other colors that might match the theme of the house.

You can also add other accents such as metal, iron or other decorations so that the modern impression stands out even more. Just make sure the combination of the two is just right and doesn’t look like it’s forced.

Give it a Vintage Touch

The next modern wooden furniture decoration idea is to present a beautiful look by arranging wooden furniture with other vintage pieces. In this case, you can surround an old wooden dining table with medieval chairs.

You can also display a collection of cutlery on furniture shelves. There is no need to hesitate in mixing and matching wooden furniture from various eras with a more modern and different style.

Perfect Color Combination

If you are not sure about the color to be paired with wood furniture, then another wood color can usually be a safe choice. Wood finishes often accentuate the base color more.

Like orange, red, yellow, gray, or dark brown. Decorate mixed wood furniture by having additional accent pieces that have similar tones.

You can also combine colorful accessories so that you can show a modern impression or show personality when decorating with wooden furniture.

Place decorations that have bright motifs on wooden tables or cabinets. Present wall art in the bedroom which is equipped with wooden furniture. This not only makes your bedroom decor more modern but also bolder.

In addition, the presence of potted plants, vases and table lamps in rainbow colors will also brighten up dark wood furniture. Again, Pay attention to the tone of the wood so it can help you in deciding which one to use.

Make your home more comfortable with the presence of a wide selection of modern wooden furniture designs. But make sure you choose furniture with good quality materials and in accordance with the style of decoration or the theme of your home.