Space-Saving Solutions for Houses with Minimalist Size

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You can apply space-saving solutions for homes with limited sizes. Through this way of saving space, there is no need to insert less functional furniture. In addition, you can also save more, because you don’t spend money to buy less important things.

Space-Saving Solutions for Houses with Minimalist Size

Space-Saving Solutions, Customize with the Furniture Arrangement

To apply these smart tips to save space, you must pay attention to several important things. In order not to miscalculate, here is a full review.

Use the Multipurpose Shelf

The first space-saving solution that you can apply is by using a multi-purpose shelf. As the name implies, this versatile shelf can be used to store various items.

Not only clothes, but also bags, shoes, and other equipment. If all items can be put in just one shelf, of course, it will save more space.

Besides making the room more spacious, it also looks neat and clean. You can also comfortably do activities every day.

This versatile shelf, you can mix it with storage boxes, and drawers, to a uniform color scheme. This aims to create a more beautiful impression.

Using a Long Bench in the Dining Room

Most minimalist homeowners want a spacious and comfortable dining room. Unfortunately, because the area of ​​the room is very limited, it makes it difficult for them to do the arrangement.

No need to worry, one of the solutions to save your space, especially the dining room, is to use a long bench. How to arrange a long bench with a dining table is quite easy.

First, close the dining chair to the wall. After that, combine it with a long bench on one side, so that there is plenty of space left.

Generally, this kind of dining room concept is only enough for four family members. If your family members are more than four people, it’s a good idea to consider this residential design idea.

Room with Double Bed

Double beds are often used to design children’s rooms. Parents are more interested in using it because it is considered more simple and practical.

Moreover, if you have two children of the same gender. In addition, you also don’t need to spend a lot of money to make two rooms.

However, the use of a double bed is important for you to consider if the bedroom area is very limited. Especially in terms of arrangement.

Do not place the double bed close to the wall. Instead, you can put it right in the middle of the room, so the room looks more spacious. Your children also have easier access in and out.

Those were some space-saving solutions that you can apply. Before implementing these tips, make sure you have adjusted them to your needs.